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As web design and marketing experts, we at LC Ads aim to work our magic for every single one of our clients. We demand that you be demanding because bringing your ideas to life is our superpower. Whether you are a start-up or a large corporation, we have got your back. Just state your KPIs and consider them met.
Your website is more than just a must-have tool; it’s a critical customer touchpoint and a huge part of your brand identity. That’s why we are here to help you create the impressive touchpoint your brand deserves. Kickstart your digital marketing journey and achieve goals on your list as if brand exposure and lead generation are a breeze!

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Fitting in is a catastrophe in the modern age. We promise you beautiful, appealing and functional, but most of all, outstanding.

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We specialize in Facebook Ads and Google Ads –previously referred to as AdWords– and use data driven and systematic approaches to deliver success.

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We take you high up. On Google search results, of course. Leave leading more traffic to your website to us.


Marketing yourself online requires expertise and that is what we offer you. Your goals are our goals.

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Optimization (CRO)

Why try to get visitors when you can get customers? We make sure they enjoy their experience, so they won’t leave your website empty-handed.

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I was looking for quality but faced bad customer service. Then I went after good customer service but was given bad quality. It was a miracle to work with LC Ads and get both. I got exactly what I wanted and they were super responsive and shocked me with the painless process of redesigning my website.

Fred Kinney, Designer

My team is very pleased with the outcome of the endless communication we had for the development of our website. Our demands were honored without complications and the UI is absolutely flawless. Their team was so invested in the project that it might as well have been their own website they were creating.

Balanchaev Balancha, Investor

What really delighted me while working with LC Ads was their dedication and willingness to go the extra mile in their marketing work. They offered pointers on areas that can be improved to have a better digital experience. I wish I had brought my website design to them as well. 5 stars to their accessibility and responsiveness.

Steve Kong, Web developer