Creating An Instagram Look For Your Brand

Instagram Look

The first thing a person notices when they enter your Instagram page is the looks of it. Pretty obvious statement, right? Humans are very visual creatures and that is probably why we have the sayings “appearances can be deceiving” or “don’t judge a book by its cover”. When it comes to social media, we do judge the book by its cover. In fact, consumers judge a brand in the first 90 seconds of seeing it. One look at an account and you already know if it feels right; if it is appealing to your visual sense. Now, think of accounts that made you want to stay and take a look at the posts. They are usually ones that are tidy enough not to make you dizzy with clashing colors and random posts all over the place but interesting enough not to seem dull and uncreative.
The message we are trying to convey here is that the “Instagram aesthetic” is something that should be given attention to, but the extra attention this requires is something that is very much overlooked by most people. This is no secret but most people still fail to either make the required effort or achieve the desired outcome. So, no matter how amazing your content is, and how appealing each one of your posts are on their own, lack of harmony among your content can ruin the effect.
Let us get to the good part: tips on how to improve on your Instagram aesthetic.

Step 1 – Define and understand your brand

There are a couple of things to be established in order for you to successfully overcome this step. First off, you need to recognize your audience and who you are trying to reach. This is crucial in figuring out how you want to present yourself. For instance, if your business sells high-end shoes, your audience, and therefore your strategy, differs from a budget clothing brand. Secondly, you need to define the core values of your business so that you can align all aspects of your content, and your content itself, with what you brand is striving to get across. Thirdly, you need to establish a ‘feel’, which aims to set things like your tone (for example, casual versus formal) or style (for example, fun versus purely informative).

Step 2 – Figure out the colors

You might be interested to know that color increases brand recognition by 80%, according to a research paper called “The Psychology of Colour Influences Consumers’ Buying Behaviour”. This directly portrays the importance of color in having an impactful Instagram presence. It goes beyond mere color coordination, I’m afraid. You can use the following suggestions to help you get started.

  • • If you already have your brand logo and other brand differentiators, use those colors as your base. You can add additional colors, but do make sure that they go with your base colors and that you are not adding too many.
  • • To pick colors from scratch, evaluate your brand to see what fit and what feels right to you. Pick a few colors (preferably up to six colors) to commit to. Once you have your choices, make sure that at least one of them are present in each post. This is to create consistency and uniformity.
  • • Get inspiration from your competitors or relevant accounts to find your own style. This is also important as not to accidentally create an aesthetic that is too similar to another account, leading to accusations of unoriginality.
  • • You can pick a color family instead of a few specific colors. You can also subtly incorporate the tones instead of making a bold statement.

Step 3 – Get into editing

Editing has become to widespread that even regular individuals edit their photos before posting them on social media. If you are trying to make your brand look good on social media, you do not have a choice but to get into editing. In order to achieve a nice aesthetic, your photos should not be creating a messy look with different lightings and such. Instagram presets are filters that are, well, preset. These filters help make all of your pictures look uniform by applying the same visual effect to all of them. You can use a program like Adobe Lightroom to attain your desired effect. Learn how.

Step 4 – Create and stick to a plan

Planning out your posts beforehand is a sure way to help you achieve the Instagram aesthetic you want. Take into consideration the posts that look best next to each other and the ones that do not seem appealing together. By figuring out the way in which you want to arrange your posts, and finding the areas that need additional splashes of a certain color or vice versa, you stand to create exactly what you have in mind instead of going with the flow and risking making mistakes that would reduce the attractiveness of your account.

In conclusion, a cohesive Instagram feed is a crucial element in impressing your audience. Do not limit yourself to having a beautiful feed. You can go the extra mile of applying similar rules to making great and consistent stories that are highlight worthy and sell your brand even more. Once you settle into it, it will not be difficult to sustain these efforts.

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