Brand Awareness 101: Creating Better Brand Awareness in 2020

Creating Better Brand Awareness in 2020

You have probably heard of brand awareness quite a bit. It is one of the most common – and sought after – goals of businesses. Brand awareness is your key to keeping the attention you capture.

What is brand awareness?

Every business wants to create a memorable experience for their customers. Brand awareness aims to ensure that customers recognize and remember your brand. It refers to customers being able to identify your products, customers knowing what makes your brand special, and customers having an understanding of why your brand is a good choice, alongside remembering your name and logo. This leads to them choosing your brand over others despite having cheaper options and actively seeking you out instead of just coming across your brand. Brand awareness brings customer loyalty and shared values, portrays consistency and credibility, and helps attract talent.

How to increase your brand awareness?

Gaining exceptional brand awareness is an on-going process. It requires constant improvement as well as hard work until you successfully achieve it. However, no matter how successful you are in terms of brand awareness, you can always do better. Besides, you need to keep working to maintain what you have already achieved. Here are some tips to help you in increasing your brand awareness:

1) Be consistent

Consistency will determine which brands make a lasting impression. How can your audience have an exact idea of what you are and what you stand for if you do not precisely know that yourself? Take Coca Cola as an example. The company colors have remained the same throughout all the years of its existence. They may have changed their slogan a couple of times, but they have been sending a consistent message all the while, which is that they want to provide a refreshing drink. That consistency is one of the reasons why we can identify Coca Cola with a single glance. We easily associate the color red with Coca Cola and we have its logo saved in our minds.
To achieve the desired level of consistency, it is important to outline your entire business down to the details. What do you stand for? What are your goals? What sets you apart? Once you have every part of your brand figured out, pick colors and a logo that will help deliver the brand image that you want. You do not need to go crazy with colors and design; remember that some of the most successful brands on the planet have undertaken simplicity. Think of Nike’s logo and their promotional efforts. Do you see them get everything, or anything, jumbled up? No. you should not either. Stick with your choices.

2) Create good content

What does “good” mean here? The best word to help capture its meaning here is “shareable”. Your content should be engaging and shareable. If you want to raise your brand awareness, you need to reach people, and having your content shared by users is one of the best ways to achieve that. One of the things you would want to increase is Organic Reach, which refers to having people see your content without the use of paid advertising. In order to do that, you need to produce content that is so compelling that users cannot resist but to share it with their friends and family. Make sure to stick with relevant topics and a certain style (again, consistency). One of the best content formats that is both shareable and interesting is infographics. Scientifically speaking, visuals are processed extremely faster than plain text and that is a reason why they are significantly more engaging.

3) Become a sponsor

Sponsoring local events can help local communities get to know your or get to know you better. It is a great reminder as well as a great opportunity to give out samples or provide more information about your brand. A big part of brand awareness is familiarity, so appearing in events or activities that are familiar to people can be useful. Pick carefully, however; you should evaluate the event or activity you are sponsoring to ensure that its audience have the likeliness to become potential customers.

4) Work on your SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the tool that will help you show up higher up in search engine search results. Working on your SEO means that you are more likely to appear at the top of a search query and be seen by prospective customers. If you would like more information on SEO, you can check out this Basics of SEO article. The complexities of SEO are not unlearnable, and making the effort is worth it.

5) Start a referral program

Referral programs are highly effective considering the effectiveness of the underrated word-of-mouth marketing. These programs not only increase reach, but they attain that through trusted sources that are friends and family. You can offer discounts for referring someone, which will motivate customers to bring in new customers in order to claim the offer.

6) Partner with other brands

Imagine you love Jason Derulo; he is one of your most favorite artists. However, you do not know Little Mix; you never heard of the girl band. One day, you come across a song that features both of them. You listen to the song and happen to absolutely love it, thinking that the 4 girls singers of Little Mix sounded fantastic. You look them up and get to know about them, gaining awareness about them and their music. The exact opposite of the aforementioned scenario could happen too, where a Little Mix fan finds out about and begins to like Jason Derulo. This is exactly how partnerships work in the business world as well. Through collaboration with brands that have the same goal of creating better brand awareness, both of you get to combine your reach and build trust among the audience. If Jason Derulo is a great artist, so should be Little Mix if they are singing together, right?

7) Give away freebies

People are often reluctant to pay for something they are not familiar with. That is why giving free samples or free trials is the way to go in getting people to try your product without the commitment element. Once they get as taste, it is likely they would become a customer if they like what you have to offer.

8) Employ paid advertising

It has become increasingly simple – and functional – to advertise on social media and on Google. The possibilities are endless. You can reach new and potential customers, and can even narrow down the people you want to see your ads using the criteria for your target audience. Even better than that is the fact that you can use the tools made available to ensure that your ads are fulfilling your specific purpose. You can read this Faceook Ads article to learn more about Facebook advertising.

9) Make use of influencer power

Influencers have gained extraordinary power and importance in the business world. This is mainly because they have already gathered an audience and engaged with them, but also because they have earned their audience’s trust due to their status of popularity. Therefore, not only will people get to know about your product or service if an influencer mentions them, but they will feel less wary about purchasing from your brand due to the trust they have in the influencer in question. Making the right relationships is the key to better brand awareness.
With these tips in mind, you can now start on making a good impression on your target audience. Brand awareness comes down to the message you are trying to get across and how you get it across. Good luck!

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