Indispensable Elements For Web Designers

Indispensable Elements That Every Web Designer Needs To Know

As you’re getting familiar with our new blog and its content, we’re going to provide some fascinating tips that are necessary for the web designers. By employing these clues, you would enhance your performance. Apart from theoretical issues and academic lessons that you may or may not have been involved with, here are some key points to boost your skills.

Graphic optimization

A novice web designer should be cautious of graphics optimization. It doesn’t matter how outstanding you are; this factor highly demands special attention in order to be a creative designer.
During the previous decades, connecting to the internet was through the dial-up services. As technology advanced, the internet connection switched to a more accelerated one. In this regard, when you are surfing the net, optimization of the page works more efficiently than before on each web page. You may be faced with the crawling speed and the response of the desired page. This occurs because of the page size and its graphic contents.
To cut down the detrimental impact in such cases, the search engines provided some penalties. Hence, websites that don’t comply have their speed decreased by Google. It acts like a deterrent in a way that all websites, at first, should optimize their pages for mobile services.


Navigation is an indispensable feature for all websites. Just remember those moments that you’ve been stuck on some pages and couldn’t do anything to deal with that. The recommendation in such a case is to apply a proper navigation system that can thoroughly work out. If not, this can result in more confusion. It’s highly recommended for the hierarchical websites that no ambiguity in relation with adults and children’s pages should be traced and navigation should be clear.


Be cautious about using the available fonts. Just rely on top font trends. Through the way you are implementing your key factors, keep using the elements of editing such as paragraph setting, the styles of the page and most importantly, the font-size; In order to present your contents as prominently as possible. To communicate efficiently, follow a systematic font hierarchy to tempt your viewers to be as reliable as possible. In some cases, it would have more influence than sophisticated graphics.


You may have previously learnt how to use the features of color adjustments, but the psychology of colors is more powerful than you think. So, remember these points because if you understand how much colors affect people’s attitude, you are enlightened that they are working for you, not against!

The psychology of black

Black is the representative of authority, stability and intelligence. Also, in some concepts it’s the emblem of death, mystery and evil. When it synthesizes with other colors, it shows modernity and traditionalism.

The psychology of red

Surfing through the net you may find that increases of your heart beat would be the effect of visiting some websites in which red color is overused. It’s the color of love, energy, and excitement, in addition to anger and danger!

The psychology of yellow

Remember the brightening power of sun! yeah, that’s yellow. It associates with ecstasy and cheer and highly recommends to implement yellow in youngsters’ issues. Don’t overdo it, because it’s susceptible to acting as overpowering and irritate your eyes.

The psychology of orange

Orange implies vibrancy and enthusiasm. It grabs every one’s attention in sales and commercial environment. Don’t overuse if you don’t want intense impact on people.

The psychology of green

The usage of green color portrays harmony and balance as well as growth and nature concepts. Although it’s a representative for environment and resources, it can’t be used for luxury furniture and those related goods.

The psychology of blue

Using blue implies competence, masculinity and security. Don’t use it for food related contents, because it would lose the readers appetite.

The psychology of purple

The color of royalty, wealth and wisdom is purple. It should be noted that using dark and light layers of this color causes different senses. Recently it’s used in beauty products and yoga course classes.

The psychology of brown

What’s the color of coffee? Yeah, it’s brown. It’s natural and warm and associates with stimulating the appetite and food related content. If you are a conservative person, that’s the best option for implementing in the material on your website.

The psychology of white

The white color is associated with the health care system such as doctors and nurses. When it matches with grey, black and gold it can be the best option for luxurious goods.

The psychology of grey

If you want to have a professional website, grey can be one of your choices, as it is the representative of sophistication and strength. Be cautious that don’t overuse this color because it may imply the sense of detaching from your site.

The psychology of pink

Although pink has some associations with red, it also represents its own theme. The pink color demonstrates romance, sincerity and such calm concepts, especially for everything that relates to women and their issues.

Users’ behavior

Behavioral psychology is a recently advancing trend and web designers, as web ninjas, need to clarify the users’ needs and emotions. Try to engage the readers to stay on your webpage by devising some charming ways. It’s necessary to know, not all users scroll down the whole page. It’s just because they find what they need. It doesn’t allow you to make the tops overloaded with contents. Moreover, try to offer them the best solution and be a customer-oriented page. In this regard, do your best to guide them, as when they get lost, it’s probable to leave.

Wrapping up, these points are just a small part of all-important ones in designing web pages. Every item in designing should be followed by most of the principles in order to achieve all your business goals. Try to fully handle each aspect that needs your full attention and lay the foundation by using these key points.

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